George Washington University

It’s summertime and my eyes are seeing red, white, and blue! But it’s not just my Firecracker Popsicle and American flag bathing suit in my eye line. I’ve also got my sight set on The George Washington University, and let me tell you why. Not only is GW ranked 50th in the nation by U.S. News and World Report, but this medium-sized university is also located in the center of Washington DC. Accessible, full of rich history, and once named the “Most Livable” city on the East Coast, DC is an amazing landscape for any college student.

Washington DC is, once again, about to take center stage with the upcoming presidential election, so what better place for a young, politically-minded student to study than in the heart of it all? Students who go to The George Washington University are known for being incredibly politically and socially active. Whether it’s a political party, the university’s Greek system, a school club, or attending a party at the State Department, GW students are known for making their voices heard. No one there is sitting around waiting on the world to change, if you know what I mean. (And yes, I did just reference a John Mayer song. Protests on that issue can be forwarded directly to me.)

The main GW campus is located a mere four blocks from the White House, the World Bank, the State Department, and the National Mall. And with that arms-length proximity, students have a huge advantage when it comes to internships and job opportunities in our nation’s capitol. Countless senators, representatives, and other political figures such as Jackie Kennedy, J. Edgar Hoover, and Colin Powell attended GW.

As you can probably guess, the university’s undergraduate programs attract many students looking to major in international relations and political science. But, don’t think you have to want to be the future president to go here. GW is very well known for its outstanding business, international business, and engineering programs too.  With three campuses, a library of over two-million volumes, and eighty-seven majors, I’d say your potential education experience is quite eclectic.

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