Kalamazoo College

Established in 1833, Kalamazoo College is one of the oldest institutions in this history of our country. So you could say that they’ve had some time to get this whole higher education thing down pat. Located in the small town of (you guessed it) Kalamazoo, Michigan, the school is nationally known for producing students who are incredibly well-rounded, engaged, and equipped for the real world. How do they do it, you ask? They do it with a little thing they call the Kalamazoo-Plan.

The first part of the K-Plan is all about choices. Kalamazoo believes in a wide-ranged liberal arts education. They don’t want you to feel restricted to one subject from the moment that you walk into the door. They want you to explore lots of different subjects and careers, which is why the curriculum is flexible for each student’s needs. Kalamazoo believes in an education in and out of the classroom, so students are encouraged to add to their curriculum through community involvement, volunteering, and participating in unconventional classes.

The school is also one of the top leaders for study abroad education in the nation, which is the next part of the K-Plan. In fact, a staggering 85% of students who attend Kalamazoo take part in a study abroad program of some sort. Kalamazoo also encourages students to participate in internships and externships – a unique program where you can live and work out-of-state with an alumni host family. This provides a truly immersed experience and future career networks for after graduation.

In a student’s senior year, the lessons and experiences of the K-Plan all come together in what is known as a SIP. A Senior Individualize Project is much like a thesis project, in that students are allowed to choose a topic to do one final research project on. Projects can be presented in writing, performance, exhibition, or any other medium that a student desires. Promoting and encouraging student’s independent work is just one last thing that Kalamazoo does to prepare its graduates for the real world.

So, if you can see your college experience taking place in more diverse settings than just on campus, Kalamazoo might be right for you. It is the perfect school for the adventurer and inquisitor – the student who wants to learn about more than just math and science. It’s for the student who wants to learn about the world. And, if that doesn’t convince you; how about this: by attending, you’d also have a reason to say the word “Kalamazoo” quite often. That, alone, is a win in my book. For more information go to: http://www.kzoo.edu/

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