Stanford University

Three months ago, I visited San Francisco for the first time with my boyfriend, Matty. We drove from Los Angeles and, on the way home, he suggested we take a detour so that he could introduce me to his alma mater, Stanford University.  After our campus visit, I know – and gang, I wish I didn’t – I will always be number two in my own boyfriend’s heart. The number one place is reserved for Stanford University.

Over the several hours we spent on campus, Matty taught me a lot about the school itself. He was a tour guide while at Stanford, and I was on the receiving end of one of his “famous” tours. I learned that the school was established in memory of Leland Stanford’s beloved son who died when he was 15.  I also learned that it has the largest collection of Rodin sculptures in North America, and that famous golfer and current student Michelle Wie can be found practicing on the university’s own golf course. Matty also told me about Flix, the on-campus movie theater that shows movies to Stanford students even before movies are released in theaters. However, his favorite Stanford memory was when he went fountain hopping with friends from his dorm.  Fountain hopping is a campus tradition where students change into their swimsuits and run around late at night jumping in and out of Stanford’s 25 campus fountains.

The truth is that Stanford is the most beautiful campus I have ever seen. I went to school in New York City, and so I couldn’t believe just how beautiful and serene this campus with about 6,800 undergraduates is. Although its 7.3% acceptance rate makes it the most selective college in the country and some of the most brilliant minds in the world come to study here, Stanford is often referred to as “The Farm,” because it’s surrounded by hundreds of trees and emanates an incredibly tranquil vibe. Prospective students who may be a good fit for a learning environment like Stanford should think about this unique essay question on their application (it’s one of five) as a way to understand the type of student the school is looking for: “Stanford students possess intellectual vitality. Reflect on an idea or experience that has been important to your intellectual development.” See? That acceptance rate ain’t low for nothin’.

Matty also generously gave us a photo of him and his best buddy on the Stanford football field for this month’s spotlight.  Can you picture these two running around fountain hopping at midnight? Thanks, Matty!

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