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If the only thing I had to tell you about Lawrence University was that it resided in a city in Wisconsin called Appleton, it should be enough to convince you to print out an application right now. Appleton!? The name is so cute, I want to embroider it onto a pillow and hug it. But amazingly, I have even more to tell you – much, much more. For example, two of the seniors from our Los Angeles office will be attending Lawrence in the fall.  You want even more information? You got it.

Lawrence University is a small liberal arts university, and sits picturesquely on the banks of the historic Fox River. In fact, the river runs through parts of campus and you’ll see students sitting by it doing homework when the weather permits.  With fewer than 1,500 students, the school provides an intimate and comfortable setting for students to focus on their studies. However, Appleton’s location also gives students a chance to travel to bigger settings if desired: it’s only a couple hours from Milwaukee and Madison, and only a three hour drive from Chicago.

Academics at Lawrence are very hands-on. The school emphasizes personal choice and personal responsibility within its courses of study. Students have an abundance of opportunity to create and shape their own curriculum through independent study and one-on-one tutorials with professors. The school prides itself on the fact that, last year, nearly two-thirds of the university’s classes had just one student enrolled. Not only is personal accountability encouraged while choosing classes, it is also emphasized while attending classes. Lawrence’s Honor Code is so respected that, often, professors prefer take-home exams to in-class ones.

Lawrence is highly regarded in many areas and subjects (It was ranked as the top school in Wisconsin by Forbes in 2012.), but I think the most unique part of the school is its Conservatory of Music. Around 25% of students are enrolled in the conservatory and can participate in anything from choir to jazz bands to the school’s orchestra. Lawrence promotes a belief that music students are best served with a strong liberal arts education, in addition to their music education. Therefore, it uniquely offers a 5 year, dual degree program, where students can earn a degree in music as well as one other non-musical subject.

If you’d like more information about Lawrence or just want to see the word Appleton again, check out more at their website!

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