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Going to college is a wonderful but huge transition. You’re adjusting to a new way of life, learning new skills, and immersing yourself in a whole new group of people for the very first time. So, this month, we’re putting the spotlight on a school that embodies the spirit and tenacity that a big move like going away to college requires. It’s called Hendrix College, and it’s an institution that has literally grown out of life-changing transitions.

Hendrix College got its start as a primary school. One purchase, two mergers, and seven name-changes later, the college stands as it is today. But after growing pains, there always comes greater strength and wisdom, and that is exactly what happened to this school. Through struggle, it has figured out what works for students and what doesn’t. And as a result, it has been recognized by many organizations for its excellence, including Colleges That Change Lives. Recently, it was also named a top “up and coming” liberal arts school and was number 102 on Forbes’ “America’s Best Colleges” list.  This institution has embraced the challenges that come with change and has come out on the other side with flying colors.

Students at Hendrix College are so open to evolution and change that they don’t even call their learning experience an education. They call it an Odyssey. Don’t you love the sound of that? Odyssey! Just as Odysseus set out on his bold journey, students at Hendrix are required to go on their own Odysseys by participating in three, self-proposed experiences that fall into one of six categories. Artistic Creativity, Global Awareness, and Service to the World are a few. Students propose, find funding for, and implement their own learning adventures throughout their time at Hendrix. They embark on their own journeys, hopefully minus the Cyclops.

Another cool aspect of this school is its special relationship with the country of Rwanda. Hendrix is all about experiencing the world and expanding the minds of its students. Keeping with this idea, it is the leader in an 18-school consortium that works with the Rwandan government. Together, they select and provide four-year educations to promising young people in Rwanda. But, the relationship goes both ways. Hendrix students are encouraged to study abroad or intern in Rwanda through the school’s partnership with the Rwandan School for International Training. Talk about an amazing adventure!

Hendrix College is as unique as they come and wants to shape students not just educationally, but also in the way that they approach their lives. At Hendrix, life is a puzzle; growth, experience, and adaptation are the key. For more information, visit: www.hendrix.edu/FutureStudents


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