Monmouth College

What comes to mind when I mention the name Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks? Most people will say a little, redheaded orphan named Annie, and Oliver Warbucks brings forth an image that is strong, yet compassionate. He is worldly, yet focused. This month’s spotlight is about a school that is a lot like Oliver Warbucks not only in spirit, but also in location. The main hall of the school, Wilson Hall, is the actual setting for Warbucks’ mansion in the movie, “Annie.”

Founded in 1933, Monmouth University has focused on providing its students with a personalized education, while stressing the importance of global awareness and a tireless mentality towards civic duty. It concentrates on the small in order to inspire the big, and I love that logic. Monmouth U adamantly works to keep class sizes low and is committed to having no graduate students teaching undergraduate courses. They offer free tutoring and even writing assistance to anyone who wants it. Plus, the campus is situated in one of the most beautiful beach towns on the Jersey shore.

Monmouth is about the individual, but it’s also about global awareness. And there is nothing that proves that more than the college’s Six Centers of Distinction. These organizations provide students with an awareness of specific social, economic, and political issues and the opportunity for hands-on experiences that aim to improve them. For instance, at the Rapid Response Institute, students work with professors and even the government to invent new technologies that would help the country respond more efficiently to disasters and emergencies. The other centers range in topic from the improvement of art education to marine conservation. Monmouth wants its students to be active, purposeful citizens who use their degrees for more than just a paycheck. It’s not a surprise that some of the top majors at Monmouth are journalism, homeland security, and even firefighting.

The thing that I love most about this school, though, is that it creates a well-rounded environment. The college also knows how to have fun. There is an active Greek community, plenty of extra-curricular activities, art, theater, and a healthy dose of good ol’ American sports. It’s a Division 1 school in basketball, baseball, football, soccer, and many more. It’s also only an hour away from New York City and Philadelphia and one mile away from the beach. The opportunities for weekend trips, internships, and summer jobs are plentiful and varied.

Monmouth University will help you succeed by giving you the confidence and tools that work for you. In honor of Oliver Warbucks and the little orphan girl Annie, I’ll just say one more thing. Leapin’ lizards! Go check it out already!

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