Northwestern University

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Chicago is my kind of town. From its beautiful architecture to its picturesque lakefront, this city is one of the prettiest that exists.

Auburn University

Close your eyes and imagine that every time you hear the song Sweet Home Alabama playing on the radio, you would actuallybe HOME in ALABAMA!

Kalamazoo College

Established in 1833, Kalamazoo College is one of the oldest institutions in this history of our country. So you could say that they’ve had some time to get this whole higher education thing down pat. Located in the small town of (you guessed it) Kalamazoo, Michigan,

University of Indiana

Indiana University. As a former Chicagoan, the Midwest is as near and dear to my heart as chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (which, for the record, is pretty high on the near and dear chart). I love the people; I love the seasons; and more than anything, I love the laid-back, happy culture

University of Tennessee

When I think of the University of Tennessee, only one word really ever comes to mind – football. As someone who attended another SEC school, it’s hard for me to see much past an opposing school’s sports program.

University of Puget Sound

University of Puget Sound. College means many different things to students. Sometimes, it represents a time and a place to explore your interests, a chance to experience new environments,

Lawrence University

If the only thing I had to tell you about Lawrence University was that it resided in a city in Wisconsin called Appleton, it should be enough to convince you to print out an application right now.

Deep Springs College

So, maybe you aren’t a student who is looking for the typical college experience. Maybe football games and lecture halls just don’t excite you the way that they do some of your peers. But, I have two words for you that may just get your college excitement wheels spinning. Ready? Cowboy scholar.

Occidental College

Occidental College is sometimes overlooked in Los Angeles in favor of schools like UCLA and USC, but it’s really a hidden gem: a liberal arts school located right here in the city.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Truth: I always wanted to be an astronaut. Okay, okay, everyone on the planet wanted to be an astronaut at some point in their lives. But with the current spotlight on our country’s space program and the Mars rover mission, my old ambition

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