Auburn University

Close your eyes and imagine that every time you hear the song Sweet Home Alabama playing on the radio, you would actually be HOME in ALABAMA! It’d be fantastic, I know. And, I have a way that will not only make that vision a reality, but it will also provide the opportunity for an amazing education!

Auburn University in Alabama is a school rich with history, educational recognition, and good ole’ southern soul. With an active Greek community, a leading and spirited sports program, and age-old traditions, it’s the kind of college for the student who wants the full college experience. And with over 1,800 acres of campus and 25,000 students, it is easy to immerse yourself in Auburn life.

In true southern spirit, the school is nationally known for its excellence in agriculture, fisheries, and forestry. In 1896, a professor at the school even created the first-ever rotation crop, which revolutionized the way nutrients are rebuilt into the soil throughout the seasons. Due to his experiment, the same 1-acre crop that he started is still continuously growing product today and is known on campus as The Old Rotation.

But, I think that the most interesting part about this southern school is its affinity for the things that lie way up high. Auburn is known for its incredible aerospace and aviation engineering programs. In fact, six astronauts have graduated from the school, as well as two directors of the Kennedy Space Center. And hundreds of engineering and science graduates have worked for NASA. There is also a student space program, where students learn to engineer, build, fly, and study spacecrafts. Talk about impressive!

Auburn is also a Division I-A school and part of the Southeastern Conference. With a highly recognized sports program and accolades ranging from football titles to equestrian championships, the student body is definitely centered on school spirit. Whether it is yelling out the fight song during a game or just wearing the school’s colors of orange and blue to class, students do not shy away from showing their pride. I even read that on game days, the football stadium technically becomes the 5th largest city in Alabama! Now that’s spirit.

Auburn is a fun school with a lot of personality. If you think that you might be just the southern lady or gentleman (at heart) to apply, check out more info at:

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