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Some companies exist to love numbers. Some exist to love food or clothing or paper clips (probably). College Right exists because we love colleges and love exposing our students to as many as we can.  We understand that every student can’t go to Harvard or Princeton. In fact, we love that every student can’t go to Harvard or Princeton because of the hundreds of other insanely awesome schools out there-roughly 2,498 four-year colleges and universities. However, if you are one of our students aiming for a highly selective college, this spotlight might be for you. The Cooper Union provides a Harvard-level education with the personal style of, say, your quirky older cousin. Think leggings instead of ascots, and nose rings instead of (or in addition to) earrings. CU is a perfect fit for a highly intellectual student who has a bit of an artsy vibe.

Located in the heart of the East Village in Manhattan, The Cooper Union is one of America’s oldest, most distinguished, and hippest institutions.  With a little over 900 students, exclusive doesn’t even begin to describe it. It offers degrees in fine art, architecture, and engineering, and it also specializes in humanities and social sciences. Its alumni, though small in numbers, includes a laundry list of famous artists, architects, and engineers. Their awards include a Nobel Prize, Rome Prizes, Guggenheim fellowships, MacArthur fellowships, Chrysler Design awards, and an American Institute of Architects Award for Public Architecture. (Try saying that three times in a row!)

When it comes to higher education, this school and its founder, Peter Cooper, are internationally known for being revolutionaries in women’s rights, race equality, and class equality. Peter Cooper believed that education here should be provided to anyone who qualifies for it at-get this-absolutely no cost. That’s right; every single student admitted to The Cooper Union is on a full scholarship and pays absolutely nothing for his or her tuition. Wow! An amazing education at no cost? You can see why this admission office harbors tough competition. In fact, Newsweek named Cooper Union the “#1 Most Desirable Small School” in 2010.

So if you have the brains for Cambridge, but you long to let your inner hipster loose in Manhattan, The Cooper Union might just be the school for you.

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