Our Measure of Success

Sure, we can easily quote statistics on where our students are being accepted to college and at what rate. However, we feel like these testimonials from our families are a much better measure of our success (and why we like what we do so much).

We Make it Easy for Parents and Students

  • 1
    Support Busy Schedules

    Between school, homework, and extracurriculars, an already heavy workload can break when applying to college. We support our students by alleviating the daily stresses of the college application process.

  • 2
    Encouraging Counselors

    We know finding and applying to the right college is overwhelming. Our counselors not only help in the application process, but their enthusiasm and constant support also make the process enjoyable for all families.

  • 3
    Personal Growth

    At College Right, we focus on meeting and exceeding your student’s goals not only in the application process, but also as an individual. Through accountability and communication, we make sure your student continues to thrive well into his or her collegiate career.