Dima Alzayat,
Senior Essay Editor

Dima is a fiction writer and associate college lecturer. Her writing has been published in newspapers, magazines, and literary journals. Her debut short story collection, Alligator and Other Stories, was published in 2020. Dima’s College Right family is incredibly proud of this accomplishment, and information on her book can be found in our Resources section.

She holds a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh and a dual B.A. in Film and Economics from UC Santa Barbara. Her happy place is on a college campus, and she is currently pursuing a PhD degree at Lancaster University.

Dima’s favorite thing about working with teenagers is their curiosity and excitability. Having developed a devoted following of high school students over her years as an editor at College Right, she prides herself on helping her students write original essays that reflect their particular perspectives and identities.

Contact Dima at: dima@collegeright.com