Gail Nichols,
Head Counselor, Orange County

Gail first thought about becoming a college counselor and joining College Right in 2010 after she looked through her closets and noticed just how many college tee shirts and sweatshirts she amassed over the last ten years of touring roughly 30 to 40 colleges with her daughters, Courtney and Rebecca. Then she realized just what a huge college junkie she was and gave Jennifer a call about putting this self-proclaimed college nerdiness to use.

Since joining the company and opening the Orange County office, Gail continues her lovable yet nerdy hobby of visiting college campuses just for fun whenever she travels anywhere with her family.Gail, her husband David, and both of their daughters graduated from Vanderbilt University. You won’t find a more supportive group of alumni anywhere in the state of California. Jennifer and Gail first met when Jennifer was the girls’ college counselor many years ago. While the girls went through their own college research and application process, Gail found herself just as interested in the various colleges that they researched as they were. During that time, Gail attended as many college information sessions as she could and helped her daughters’ friends with their own application process. Now, her favorite part of the job is being able to tour colleges when she attends the various annual college admissions conferences each year.

Gail holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing and she loves making new memories with her family on the Vanderbilt campus. Most recently, she and her husband have decided that they want to try to visit every NCAA Division I football stadium to see a game and, of course, buy more college tee shirts.

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