Jennifer Mandel,
M.A. President and Counselor

Since 2004, Jennifer has guided hundreds of students through the college admission process. She has placed students at over 1,000 colleges and universities both in the US and abroad, and is frequently invited to speak at Southern California area high schools and organizations about the college admission process.

Jennifer founded College Right in 2010 and works with her own caseload of high school students each year. She is also the Program Director for and instructor in UCLA’s College Counseling training program.

In her free time, Jennifer volunteers with Service to School, a non-profit organization that assists US military veterans with the college admissions process. She is also passionate about helping shelter animals and is a lead volunteer with her local dog rescue organization. 

In 2018, Jennifer was awarded the Distinguished Instructor of the Year in Education award at UCLA. Jennifer holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Irvine, and a master’s degree in education from UCLA.

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