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The crazy awesomeness of March Madness is upon us, and like all bracket participants, we love to bet on the underdog. Now maybe calling the University of Louisville an “underdog” seems a little dramatic. As a number four seed in this year’s Final Four, however, that’s what they technically are. Technicalities can only go so far, though. And take it from us, this is about the only time this school could ever be considered an improbable champion.Founded in 1798, U of L has the honor of being America’s first city-owned, public university. It is comprised of three beautiful campuses spread out within the cosmopolitan city of Louisville (locals pronounce it “loool-ville”).  Students get to take advantage of living in an historic and exciting city, which was recently named one of America’s “Best Places to Live” by Men’s Journal magazine!  On top of all of this, Louisville sits on the beautiful Ohio River, is the yearly host of the famous Kentucky Derby, and is credited as the home of the very first cheeseburger. Yeah, we went there.Okay, okay, is cheeseburger invention not a requirement for your educational dreams?  Well, how about award winning academics? The university’s Health Sciences Center is world renowned, helping develop a vaccine against cervical cancer and participating in the first successful hand transplant. Nationally, the business school is ranked in the top seven percent, the dental school is ranked in the top ten percent, and Louisville’s law school is tied for 97th place!

But it’s March Madness, so let’s get to what you really care about – sports! Final Four underdog or not, Louisville is top tier when it comes to its athletic program. Not only has the school earned Final Four titles twice in the last eight years, but the school has also recently seen championship games in football, baseball, soccer, volleyball, and track in field. Underdog, shmunderdog!

So, if you want a school with southern charm, urban living, academic accolades, and sports pride to boot, perhaps U of L is for you.

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