Smith College

Ladies, I’m just going to say what we’re all thinking: we are awesome, aren’t we? We’re smart, thoughtful, passionate, and full of determination towards our lives and goals. And I love the idea of a school that does everything it can to support those fantastic qualities. That brings me to this month’s spotlight.

Smith College was founded in 1871 by Sophia Smith, a woman who had big ideas for the education and advancement of her sex. In a time when women had few options for furthering their educations, Smith left her inheritance to create a school where women would have the exact same opportunities as men. That’s called gumption, ladies and gentlemen, GUMPTION. Since then, Smith College has continuously been dedicated to inspiring, supporting, and educating women from all over the world.

This is not the type of place where you will go and be taught “at.” Everything about the college’s mission and atmosphere exists to produce engaged, creative, and opinionated students. Class sizes are small, and the faculty is committed to cultivating environments full of discussion and discovery. The whole point of the college is to create independent but open thinkers who are always excited to consider new ideas and different points of views.

If you graduate from Smith College, you will definitely be in good company. Many famous thinkers, writers, feminists, entrepreneurs, musicians, and successful professionals graduated from Smith, some of the most notable being Julia Child, Sylvia Plath, and Gloria Steinem! That’s one impressive card to pull.

“Oh, you climbed Mount Everest? Gloria Steinem and I aced the same test. Top that!”

Not only is Smith College one of the best liberal arts colleges in the nation, but it is also the largest of the Seven Sisters, a network of well-known liberal arts schools for women. It is well known for so many of its academic programs and is the only women’s college to offer undergraduate degrees in engineering. On top of that, Smith is part of the Five Colleges consortium, meaning as part of this group, students are able to take classes and gain credit at any of the five schools involved, including Amherst, Hampshire, Mount

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