University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

With just under 30,000 students claiming the Tar Heel title, it is hard to believe that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill can be so focused on the number 1. But the Tar Heel way is all about empowering the individual to make a difference in their community and to understand the effect that 1 person can have on the world. The school’s “1 is a Powerful Number” movement highlights former and current students who have managed to change lives by the work that they have done by promoting them around campus with print messages and public service announcements.

So, yes, the school is all about the individual, but it is not the type of university for a student who wants to be alone in their college experience. Like other big state universities, UNC is heavy with school spirit. The Tar Heel’s sports teams are plentiful in number and accolades. In fact, it is Michael Jordan’s alma mater! And “Rushing Franklin” is a regular activity, where students rush onto local Franklin Street to celebrate the school’s victories! There is also an active Greek system and lots of clubs and activities to serve anyone’s interests. From the Ackland Art Museum to the Morehead Planetarium, a student can find many opportunities to explore their curiosities.

As far as an education, you’re getting a good one when you attend UNC. The school is part of what people call The Research Triangle. It is part of a national research and technological hub that includes Duke University and North Carolina State University. It has also been ranked by multiple publications as the #1 public school in regards to getting the best value for your money. It has an outstanding business program and also excels in science and technology.

In my opinion, though, the coolest thing about UNC is its history. In keeping with the #1 theme, did you know that it was the nation’s 1st ever public university? And it was the only one to issue degrees in the 18th century! History, personal recognition, sports, activities, education! What more can you ask for?

If you find yourself yearning to be a Tar Heel (I know… I don’t know what a Tar Heel is, either) and this seems like the kind of school that you’d like to know more about, click the link and read more about UNC!

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