Vanderbilt University

Ever thought that attending a college in a southern town known as Music City might be the place for you? Vanderbilt is located in Nashville, TN, a city with a small town feel and thriving international music scene. In fact, Nashville is even referred to as the country music capitol of the world. Before you read on, I should point out that I’m an alum and parent of two Vanderbilt students. Yep, it’s clear I’m biased but it’s hard not to be. The school itself is an academically challenging but socially dynamic atmosphere allowing students to challenge themselves in a number of different ways.

Students at Vandy appreciate its strong liberal arts curriculum but also value its excellent pre-med and pre-law programs too. It’s home to a leading school of engineering, as well as the prestigious Blair School of Music. The university is large enough to offer tremendous research facilities and nationally recognized professors who teach their own classes, while still maintaining its focus on what it refers to as the Community Creed. It’s pretty common for the school’s chancellor or other faculty members to be seen having lunch with students, attending pre-game tailgate parties, or even tossing a Frisbee across the lawn. Vandy is a place where students, faculty, and administrators love to be and that enthusiasm shows in activities throughout campus.

Campus life offers an unlimited number of things to do, and with strong varsity and intramural sports programs, an Alternative Spring Break program, and over 300 clubs, there’s bound to be something of interest for everyone.

If you’re searching for a school with a traditional college feel and want to be able to attend a Tennessee Titans football game, Vanderbilt is worth a look. After all, who doesn’t want to have a commodore as his or her college mascot? For more information about campus tours and Black and Gold Days, check out:

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