Gettysburg College

Ever thought being a student on a college campus that held an annual Civil War reenactment sounded like fun? Then Gettysburg College, located in the famous town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, may be worth a look. It stands on 200 acres of beautiful rolling hills and borders the Soldiers National Cemetery. If you listen closely, you may even be able to hear ghostly soldiers roam the campus as they keep Gettysburg students company.

Gettysburg is a liberal arts college located in a small town where everyone knows each other. With approximately 2,600 students on campus, it’s easy to find a familiar face. This also lends itself to close student-faculty relationships. It’s not uncommon for the faculty to invite students to their homes for an occasional dinner or an impromptu study session.

Given its location, Gettysburg has a very strong major in US history, as well as significant programs in English, science, and political science. You might also be surprised to learn that this small college comes with big campus resources like a world-class music conservatory, the Eisenhower Public Policy Institute, and a top-notch performing arts center. The school has also earned a ranking of #11 on the annual list of “Top Peace Corps Volunteer Producing Colleges and Universities.” How can you be bored on a campus that has approximately 800 events a year, a student run nightclub called “The Attic,” and an incredible study abroad program?

If you’re searching for a college with dynamic students who love to be involved in, well, anything and everything, then you should take some time to research Gettysburg College. Just don’t forget your costume for the reenactment.

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