New York University

New York University

By Meghann Murphy, College Right Essay Editor

New York City is not for the faint of heart. So, it follows that New York University attracts an equally independent-minded student. NYU kids aren’t rooting for their school’s football team (there isn’t one); they’re cheering on the New York Knicks. NYU kids aren’t throwing toga parties at their frat house; they’re sneaking into art openings on the West Side Highway. NYU kids aren’t lounging on the campus quad; they’re busy avoiding the crazy pigeon man in Washington Square Park (trust me, DO NOT engage the crazy pigeon man). In short, NYU kids are cool.

Yes, it’s true – I went to NYU. And I’m also the coolest person I know. So, you do the math. Located downtown, primarily in the blocks surrounding Washington Square Park, NYU’s campus is a bit more open than other college campuses. Critics are fond of saying that NYU doesn’t actually have a campus. But that’s not true. The city is our campus, with the exciting neighborhood of Greenwich Village at its center.

Just like the city itself, New York University is huge. This means that whatever your interests are, NYU has a course of study for you. There are, in fact, seven different undergraduate colleges within the university. The largest is the College of Arts and Sciences, which offers programs in the humanities, science, social sciences, foreign languages, and literatures. The prestigious Tisch School of the Arts offers majors in drama, film, fine art, music and dance. The Stern School of Business students are easy to spot – they’re the ones wearing ties. The Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development offers degrees in education, psychology, health and media. And, of course, if none of these options satisfies you, you can always create your own major at the Gallatin School of Individual Study – a friend of mine dual majored in African drumming and rhetoric.

NYU also boasts all the usual trappings of a great university: an amazing study abroad program (with campuses in over 12 countries!), an excellent library, and more Nobel Prize winners than you can shake a stick at. However, perhaps the greatest reason to apply to New York University? James Franco is currently on the teaching staff. Ladies, you’re welcome.

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