De Paul University

Imagine living right in the heart of one of the coolest metropolitan cities in America, having access to amazing museums, unique food, and unbeatable shopping, AND earning your degree all at the same time! If you are already packing your suitcase, we wouldn’t blame you. In fact, we’ll help you fold your sweaters because, here at College Right, we think that DePaul University in Chicago is a perfect fit for our urbanite-minded, big city-loving students.

DePaul University is the ninth largest, not-for-profit university in the nation, which makes it the perfect fit for students who wish to feel part of a larger college community but still want a unique backdrop for that experience. DePaul is also a Jesuit university, which means it encourages its students to participate in service-based learning programs. Every student at the university is required to incorporate community service or service-based internships into their academic life, which we think is pretty awesome. (Maybe that is why DePaul has been ranked #1 in student happiness in recent years!)

The university is widely known for its School of Music, and it was named one of the “Schools that Rock” in the 2005 Rolling Stone guidebook that evaluated collegiate music schools nationally. Being able to say that you go to a “Rolling Stone-Approved University” might just be the coolest thing we’ve mentioned so far. But if music isn’t your thing, DePaul has many other colleges and programs including business, journalism, and liberal arts programs, all with amazing accolades of their own.

So if you can picture yourself riding the “L” train to class, shopping for school “essentials” on Michigan Avenue, or catching a homerun ball at Wrigley Field in between classes, make sure that you check out DePaul University. For more information go to:

PS: Just believe us; we weren’t kidding about packing those sweaters!

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