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Emory & Henry College

This month is all about being thankful, giving to others, and turkey. (Mostly about the turkey, though.) So, we are putting the spotlight on a college that encompasses all of the good things that Thanksgiving is about year round, not just on one day.

Pomona College

This month, it’s time to bring the College Spotlight home. By this I mean Pomona College in Claremont, California, just 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

University of Florida

The University of Florida is my alma mater, but I’m going to try to be unbiased when telling you about it. So, here we go. It’s the best school that ever existed, and you definitely should go there over ANY OTHER SCHOOL.

St. John’s College

St. John’s College is a place that’s either extraordinarily right for you or totally wrong […]

George Washington University

It’s summertime and my eyes are seeing red, white, and blue! But it’s not just my Firecracker Popsicle and American flag bathing suit in my eye line. I’ve also got my sight set on The George Washington University, and let me tell you why.

Colorado State University

Ah, the Old West: cowboys and covered wagons. A place that inspired Americans from the East to pack up their belongings, say goodbye to their families, and ride off into the sunset in search of adventure

Cooper Union

The Cooper Union provides a Harvard-level education with the personal style of, say, your quirky older cousin. Think leggings instead of ascots, and nose rings instead of (or in addition to) earrings. CU is a perfect fit

University of Louisville

The crazy awesomeness of March Madness is upon us, and like all bracket participants, we love to bet on the underdog. Now maybe calling the University of Louisville an “underdog” seems a little dramatic.

College of the Atlantic

For this month’s spotlight, we’re going to get specific. I’m talking which-shade-of-nail-polish-best-matches-the-imbalance-of-your-chakras-today specific.

Louisiana State University

Close your eyes. Now, imagine your life as a college student. Are you blinded by your school colors? Maybe by flashes of a game-winning touchdown? How about images of rushing a fraternity or sorority?

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